She is a qualified Clinical Psychologist based at Umhlanga in private practice. She offers psychotherapy focusing on emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components in order to assist individuals to cope with daily challenges and difficulties. Her expertise includes working with relationship conflicts, anxiety, mood disorders such as depression, bipolar, adjustment disorders, postnatal depression, family-related challenges, grief, acute post-traumatic stress, workplace-related stress, and conflict management.

She is presently a Ph.D. candidate, researching the stigma surrounding mental illness. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Honors in Psychology. Prior to her pursuing her God-given purpose as a Clinical Psychologist, she worked for over 12 years in the public sector occupying roles in senior management and in the private sector where she worked as a Diversity Specialist. Driven by her interest in human development and empowerment, she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Management and Development, an Honors degree in Public Management and Development ( University of North-West), a junior bachelor’s degree in Social science (University of Kwa- Zulu Natal), diploma in project management (University of Pretoria).

Her vast work experience increased her skill and knowledge of human behavioural issues where she gradually developed an interest and passion for working with women, adolescents, individuals, and a variety of groups.

She is a God-fearing mother and wife. She is passionate about empowering women within her society and a Philanthropist. She was one of the leaders and advisors in the North West women’s prayer group. She has been a public speaker in conferences, local and national radio stations sharing her expertise in women empowerment and mental health.

– Portia Monnapula-Mazabane